Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

These Boots Were Made For Rockin’

Believe it or not, cowboy boots aren’t just for rodeos, Halloween or keeping your feet dry at the bathhouse. We’re in Texas, y’all, and we have a hunch this footwear trend might just catch on. So, naturally we want to flaunt the best pair possible in the daily fashion showdown that is Dallas culture.

At Big Trail Ranch, they’ve come up with a thoroughly modern way of customizing a 125-year-old product out of El Paso, Texas. Visitors to bigtrailranch.com can customize their own Lucchese Classics by selecting from 15 stitch patterns, 100 colors and nearly 15 materials, ranging from plain-ol’ leather to American Alligator, stingray, elephant (or if we had our way, that obnoxious little neighbor kid with the shrieky voice).

With the combinations practically endless and size ranges from Women’s Size 4 up to Men’s Size 26, they could make a killing if enough Patsy Cline impersonators get their number.

(Does the Rose Room have a western night?)

You can build your ultimate pair on the web, but the best way to go is by making an appointment at their luxe showroom overlooking the baseball field at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. There you can look, touch and sniff all the fine hides in person, and if you time your appointment right, catch a few innings from the balcony.

The handmade boots are so superbly crafted from the finest materials on Earth that they’re good enough for sexy A-list divas like Zsa Zsa Gabor and Jon Bon Jovi.

And if you really want heads to turn at Sunday brunch, you’ll want boots made with diamonds and gold leaf (which they’ve already produced), but they’ll set you back about $38,000 (or about 3,166 rounds of bottomless Mimosas to put it in better perspective).

You can also get a great pair for a more cowboy-friendly price around $600 if you keep the bedazzling to a minimum. But that’s a great price considering they go with every outfit and suit any occasion, meaning these could very well be the last pair of shoes you ever need to buy.

But that, of course, would be crazy.

Big Trail Ranch
1000 Ballpark Way, Suite 314, Arlington
(800) 375-9382
By Appointment Only or Online at www.bigtrailranch.com