Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cowbell Of The Ball

They say you shouldn’t talk about religion or politics in mixed company, and we’ve got a third taboo subject to add to the list: Tex-Mex restaurants.

Around these parts, it seems like everyone is passionate, downright Kool-Aid-drinking cultish, about their favorite chips-n-salsa haunt. So we wouldn’t dare try to lead you away from your favorite church of the holy jalapeno.

But in the event your chalupa has become a little chalublah or you need a whole lada more from your enchilada, we recommend an evening at El Ranchito.

Each night a band of hunky mariachis stroll from table to table, in pants so tight you’ll want to order the Chimichangas. Oh, and the food’s fine too.

On the menu you’ll find some stand-by favorites like Fajitas, Chile Relleno and Flautas or more exotic dishes like Cabrito a la Parilla (grilled baby goat). But no matter what you choose, it’s bound to taste different when accompanied by the blare of a trumpet playing “La Bamba” about three inches from your head.

And just in case the strolling singers are too subtle for your taste (much like your sequin-covered dinner jacket), El Ranchito is also decked out with a series of spinning, multi-color disco lights and a mini-stage for Karaoke nights, Elvis impersonators and who knows what else.

It’s loud, it’s proud and it’s got queso in every bite – get used to it.

Our only gripe is their somewhat lackluster Margaritas that were a bit on the sweet side. We prefer ours bitter, like our wit. But that didn’t stop us from throwing back a few and trying to get the phone number of the guy playing the violin.

Live mariachi music Mondays – Saturdays, starting at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays starting at 1:00 p.m.

El Ranchito
610 W. Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas
(214) 946-4238