Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Know Before You Show: October Theatre

Anyone with a sibling knows that they can routinely rank as best friend or arch nemesis. And the same goes for our non-familial “sisters” too. You know, that “family by choice” who’s with you through the laughter, the tears and the shared ex-boyfriends. But who else has instructions to hide your box of porn from the family in the event you meet an untimely end?

October theatre celebrates the common threads of family and friendship that bring us together and tear us apart. So grab your best gal pal, fag hag or surrogate sis and take in a show.

Drama Queens
Opens Friday, October 3
Krystle and Alexis wrestling in a fountain, Paris and Nicole slamming each other on MySpace, Rosie going after The Donald – those catfights are nothing compared to the fur that flies flown between Sylvia Glenn and Leatrice Monsee. BJ Cleveland and Coy Covington hustle out their highest drag to embody these fading starlets who each think they’re starring in a new Broadway show. Get ready for some wig snatchin’.

Tickets: $22 – $25
Uptown Players
KD Studio Theatre
2600 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas

Say Noir More
Look What’s Happened To Pixie Decosta
Opens Friday, October 3
Dallas theatre gets a world premiere of this story of the Decosta sisters’ dark secrets lurking beneath the shiny glare of their Tinsel Town lives. It sounds suspiciously Baby Jane-ish, but we’re hopeful playwright Bruce R. Coleman has some new plot twists up his sleeve. Otherwise he better be prepared for gay revolt and many a dead rat sent special delivery with a note reading “eat your din-din.”

Tickets: $20
Theatre Too
2800 Routh Street, Dallas

Love, Child
The Color Purple
Through Sunday, October 19
And on the seventh day Poperah created musical theater, and it was good. Who would have ever imagined Alice Walker’s story of slavery and domestic violence would end up getting the show tune treatment? Certainly not us, but we’re glad it did and we dare you not to get down with your bad self during rousing numbers like “Push Da Button” and “Miss Celle’s Pants.”

Tickets: $25 – $77
Music Hall at Fair Park, Dallas

Word Up
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf
Through Sunday, October 26
Okay, so maybe the copy editor was sick the day they came up with the name for this show (same with the proof reader – enuf, really?), but this collection of poems turned monologues is, well…what’s an equally appropriate way to describe it? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Tickets: $10 – $25
Jubilee Theatre
506 Main Street, Fort Worth