Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Baby Jane One More Time

Dallas has long loved its men in dresses. And the latest show to foray into To Wong Foo, Some Like It Tootsie territory is the wildly uproarious Look What’s Happened to Pixie DeCosta!

Joining us in the audience on opening night was a veritable Who’s Who of our all-time dragnificent favorites: Robert Emery who, several years ago, brought to life and starred in the fabulous all-male incarnation of Steel Magnolias; Paul J. Williams who out-RAE’d sweet Charlotte as Mrs. Garrett in Facts of Life: The Lost Episode; and the great Coy Covington who last year lit up the stage as Angela Arden in Die, Mommie, Die! and is currently back in panty hose as a has-been diva in Uptown Players' production of Legends.

And based on our hidden-camera surveillance of their reactions, they liked the show as much as we did. Mixing Sunset Boulevard with What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, the script from Bruce R. Coleman has some fantastically witty dialogue and by far the greatest euphemism for female genitalia since the far less cleaver “Oprah’s Va-Jay-Jay.”

Led by Marjorie Keyes and Evelyn Rambeaux in the roles of Pixie and Margot DeCosta, with a LOT of help (winkity-winkity) from Paul Taylor, the cast is full of life and gleeful energy. But most of all, the humor is wickedly dark and morbidly hilarious, just like a good Bible story.

This is the perfect October show because after all, Halloween to us gays is all about horror and men in drag.

And just like Pixie DeCosta, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Tickets: $20-$30
(see web site for half-price ticket details)
Look What’s Happened to Pixie DeCosta!
Now through Sunday, November 2
Theatre Too (in the Theatre Three basement)
The Quadrangle
2800 Routh Street, Dallas
(214) 871-3300