Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

All Work And No Plano

At least once every leap year, we break outside the 635 loop and venture up to IKEA to get a box of our favorite cookies. And an assembly-required, particle-board bookcase to match the red futon we got last time. Oh, and several bags of those frozen Swedish meatballs. All for the homeless, of course. We would never actually decorate with IKEA furniture or eat their food. (You believe us, right?)

But once we get that far north, altitude sickness sets in and we need a place to lay our weary heads, cool our tired feet and rest our tired fingers that are sore and paper-cut from thumbing through our pocket Dallas-to-Plano Dictionary.

And that’s where NYLO comes in. Because Plano to us is like a whole other country, we pack our suitcases like we’re Mr. and Mrs. Howell heading out on a three-hour tour. And that means once we cross the President George Bush Rip-Off Road, we’re there to stay for the weekend.

And NYLO makes it easy to linger.

Once inside the lobby, you really do feel like you’re in another city. Some place exotic. Some place cosmopolitan. Some place that’s not Plano.

Now before you get out your monogrammed hate-mail stationery, we love Plano. (And everything it’s done for soccer moms and minivans.) But seriously, NYLO is wonderfully chic.

The rooms are cozy and modern, with concrete floors and concrete-and-brick walls, evoking the feel that this is an adaptive re-use of some old, cool industrial building. But it’s brand-spankin’ new, so none of that musty smell or bodies-buried-in-the-walls panache prevalent in so many loft spaces in actual New York City.

Our favorite features? The allergy-friendly PURE rooms with air filtration and other amenities for our sensitive noses and delicate skin.

But the large in-shower mirrors can be your best friend, depending on how many sit-ups you did that morning (or how narcissistic you really are). And they’re big enough for two. Just pointing that out to let you picture how spacious they are, that’s all.

Downstairs, The Loft, NYLO’s happenin’ little restaurant has an affordable menu with some fun options and a great bar. But it’s the outside area that you’ll want to hang out in for hours, gazing at the night sky while sitting by the large fireplace, flames reflected seductively in the pool.

Just make sure to send us a postcard.

Weekend Rates start at just $79
Or ask about the weekend special (promo code WEBOGO). Arrive any Friday or Saturday night and pay $190 plus tax and the 2nd night is FREE. Breakfast included.

8201 Preston Road, Plano
(972) 624-6990