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Finger It

On November 1, Cocktail Party Season opens. Do you have your mingling permit yet?

As the holidays descend upon us faster than Madonna rushing to Post-Nup Pre-Nups ‘R’ Us, we’re determined to be prepared this year.

More often than not, cocktail receptions fall right after work, so we’re forced to eat hors d’oeuvres instead of a real dinner or risk reliving the disastrous night we attended that party for Princess Stéphanie of Monaco without eating at all.

Let’s just say, seven glasses of champagne, three flaming cans of Sterno, an incessant need to show off our new juggling prowess, and one floor-length taffeta gown don’t get you invited back.

But you also don’t want to be “that guy.” You know, the one carrying a glass in one hand and a plate piled to the ceiling with meatballs and mini quiche in the other. It’s all about being dainty. And sophisticated.

And nothing says dainty-and-sophisticated more than a mini plastic plate that slides on your finger, allowing you to hold one tasty morsel and your wine all with one hand. Leaving the other free to salute Heads of State, practice your sign language alphabet, or unleash your pepper spray on the guy trying to steal your wallet.

Oh wait, that’s just the server trying to offer us another piece of Rumaki. Surely there’s an eye-wash station around here somewhere.

Finger Food Party Plates
$10 for a set of 12



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