Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rock Out With Your Oct Out

With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, it’s fast becoming a two-weekend holiday. And that’s fine with us, because we still have that Sam’s Club twelve-pack of glittery fake eyelashes leftover from Pride. Or if Halloween’s not your thing (in which case, you’re dead to us), October is still a great month to enjoy cooler patio weather, the changing of the leaves and the beginnings of Dallas’ gala season. Hmm, which non-profit cause goes best with our new outfits?

Sit On It
Dallas Furniture Bank Top Chef CHAIR-ity Fundraiser
Tonight, 7:00 p.m.
In our faves trifecta, it’s fashion, food and furnishings, so we were naturally drawn to this event like a breast-feeding baby to Angelina’s cover shoot. Top Chef competitors Casey Thompson and Tre Wilcox are cooking up the meals, Brenda Teele-Jackson of Good Morning Texas fame brings the fashion as Mistress of Ceremonies and for furnishings you can bid on silent auction pieces including one-of-a-kind furniture designed by local artists. Now if they could just throw in some scantily clad go-go boys giving foot rubs, we would be in heaven.

Tickets: $100
Tower Club
1601 Elm Street, 48th Floor, Dallas
(972) 466-0600

What’s Mine Is Yours
The Mining Company Reopens
Tonight, 9:00 p.m.
Despite all the leather that it’s got, it’s still Throckmorton The Mining Company from the block. After playing the ol’ Monopoly switcheroo to make way for the new Sue Ellen’s, The Mining Company has returned to its former, more intimate space. Stop by to see the big reveal, while finding out just how cozy you can get with some return patrons.

Cost: Free
The Mining Company
3903 Cedar Springs, Dallas

Does The Carpet Match The Drapes?
Leslie Jordan, My Trip Down The Pink Carpet
Friday & Saturday, October 24 & 25
It’s no secret, we love Leslie Jordan and have spent the last six months perfecting our Brother Boy impersonation (mmmkay). And now our favorite lil’ imp is rolling back through Dallas to promote his hysterical memoir My Trip Down The Pink Carpet. If you missed it the first time or you just need a funny bone refresher, this is a total must-see. We’re still peeing our pants just a little over the story about Beverly D’Angelo’s underwear.

Tickets: $50
Black Box Theatre
McKinney Avenue Contemporary (MAC)
3120 McKinney Avenue, Dallas

Thank You Fairy Much
Oak Lawn Halloween 2008 – Fairytales Street Party
Saturday, October 25, 7:00 p.m.
Okay, it’s time to establish some ground rules for this yearly cause célèbre. First of all, if you typically wear a leather harness and ass-less chaps every weekend, that doesn’t count as a costume. Secondly, everybody has to dress up or it kind of takes away from the whole Halloween part of the evening. And even though the theme is Fairytales, coming as yourself doesn’t count (unless you’re wearing wings). Costume quick tip: throw a rag on a stick and come as a hobosexual!

3900 block of Cedar Springs, Dallas

Fright Night
Fab Boo Ball
Saturday, October 25, 8:00 p.m. – midnight
If you’re having a panic attack just thinking about the Oak Lawn Halloween crowds, then this is the event for you. Something more refined, demure and exclusive. Fab Boo Ball brings together 300 of your closest friends to show off their costumes (or black tie with masks) while enjoying the music of DJ Tony Dean and Foreign Trade (that’s a band, not a hustler from Uzbekistan). The whole thing benefits the AIDS Interfaith Network. We’ll be dressed as Sarah Palin wearing nothing but a polar-bear skin, moose antlers and some rimless glasses.

Cost: $100
The Land Company
1202 North Industrial Boulevard, Dallas

No, You The Topia
Utopia: DIFFA Kick-off Party
Tuesday, October 28, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
DIFFA always knows how to throw a great party. And what better way to pique our curiosity about this year’s collection than by shindigging in One Arts Plaza with food and bevies from Dali Wine Bar & Cellar, Fedora, Jorge’s Tex Mex, Screen Door and Tei An. Sounds like a good chance to break out the elastic-waist pants, just be prepared for some dirty looks. They’re not hating, they’re just jealous you planned ahead.

Cost: $20 donation the door
One Arts Plaza
1722 Routh Street, Dallas