Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bros Before Hose

Now we understand you have traditions. Every year, you buy the updated version of the kitty-cat calendar with cute phrases like, “Hang in there!” while the cuddly little furballs dangle from trees. And we know on leap years you mix things up with a crazy calendar that dispenses daily Murphy’s Law witticisms – as seen through the eyes of Ziggy or Charlie Brown. ARGH!, indeed.

Well, it’s time to start 2009 off with a manly calendar. An inferno of lust with squares and numbers and funny words like “Yom Kippur,” “Cinco de Mayo” or “Kwanzaa.”

The Dallas Hispanic Firefighters’ Association has its latest 12-month collection for sale featuring month after month of steamy pictorials of Dallas’ finest firefighters with their smoldering good looks and scorching hot bodies.

Plus, your purchase supports some great charities, including Parkland Burn Camp, as well as memorial and scholarship funds.

Sadly, these guys aren’t gay (at least they didn’t tell us when we snuck into the firehouse shower to ask), but they’re definitely a fine bunch of FILFs.

And hanging one of these on your fridge should surely count for something if your house ever catches fire. Maybe they’ll bring the bigger hose.