Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Your Regular Bread Is Toast!

We love stuffing things inside other things. Cheese into pizza crust. Extra creamy filling into Oreos. And our asses into our favorite jeans from eighth grade.

Now here comes the Diva of Dough, Philomena Aceto, with a line of Signature Stuffed Breads that will forever change the way you lust after carbs.

After selling her breads at the Farmer’s Market to great accolades and satisfied customers, the line of tempting rustic loaves was quickly added to the prestigious list of products carried at Whole Foods. The mini loaves are available in the freezer section and come in three different combinations with three flavors per package.

Simply thaw, bake and try your damnedest not to eat an entire loaf before serving.

Flavors include Roasted Vegetable & Garlic; Pepperoni & Mozzarella; Fig, Prosciutto & Spinach; Feta & Kalamata Olive; and our two favorites: Artichoke, Sun-dried Tomato & Smoked Mozzarella, and Sauteed Broccoli & Olive Tapenade.

They’re so filling and crammed full of tasty ingredients that they would make a great light lunch on their own.

Sort of like a Hot Pocket, only far less pathetic.

$7.49 per package
Available at Whole Foods Market
(Coming in November, online ordering for home delivery and great holiday food gifts)