Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

[Corn] Hole-In-The-Wall

Don’t you just love dietary loopholes? You know, those little “get out of jail free” cards you create for yourself to stave off the guilt when overindulging. Things like eating a can of ReddiWip for breakfast because you’re on a “low-carb” bender or the ever-popular “calories don’t count on vacation.”

Well, in the vein of self-delusion we present your up-and-coming calorie concubine: Candy Corn’s.

One of the latest additions to Snider Plaza, Candy Corn’s is total porn for the flavored popcorn lover. And because it’s popcorn, it’s just like eating a rice cake (see how the loophole works).

Having only sampled the three-pack popcorn tin we received in lieu of holiday bonuses from our cheapskate editor, we had no idea there was such a wide, wide world of flavor out there.

Seriously, there are tons of candied popcorn options including Cheesecake, Pink Cotton Candy, Red Hot Cinnamon and Blue Coconut. Or, if you’re feeling really daring try Crazy Confetti – a mixed bag of all the flavors, so to speak.

For savory, our money is on the Salt & Vinegar. And if you want to go gourmet (and chocolatey) try Peanut Butter Chocolate, White Chocolate or Heath Toffee.

With popcorn this good, you might start carrying the man-purse just to be able to sneak it into the movies!

Prices start at $2.75 for a mini-bag
6827 Snider Plaza, Dallas
(214) 373-0800