Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Swirll, Girll.

Sometimes, we’re a little naughty. We find great places that we love so much we’re afraid to give away our little secrets for fear of having to fight the crowds once word gets out.

We considered keeping Swirll to ourselves, too, but it’s not exactly a secret any more. In fact, we want as many people as possible to rediscover this great downtown spot because it’s just so much fun. And co-owner Peggy is a hoot and a half.

Started back in the golden era of easy credit, low gas prices and profitable banks (2005), Peggy Davion and her husband, Louis, started one of Dallas’ most unique wine bars. Unlike other spots where you order bottles of wine that could be made by scary trolls with post-nasal drip and hairy palms, Swirll is all about making your own.

The process is fun and simple. You select the grapes you want to use (after tasting a few ready-made wines for research purposes) and follow a precise recipe for whipping up your own batch of grapy delight in a large plastic bucket. It’s not that glamorous, but it’s a D-I-Y project that doesn’t require a hammer and nails, so who can complain?

Then, you wait. And wait. And wait.

Several weeks later, return and watch the birth of your alcoholic baby as it’s brought from the depths of the winery, ready to be spanked and bottled.

Each batch makes about 28-30 bottles, which you fill yourself and cover with custom labels created on-site. Ranging from $299 to $449 a batch, that comes out to just $10 to $15 per bottle for some really nice wine.

So this year, tell your friends not to dream of a White Christmas, but something more specific.

How about a French Chardonnay Christmas?

1311 Main Street, Dallas
(214) 573-6603