Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mum’s The Word

Every year spring rolls around, and we turn green with envy over Peter Petunia’s overflowing window box or Dexter Daffodil’s ostentatious flowerbeds. And in a desperate attempt to keep up, we throw on our Martha-Stewart-brand garden clogs and head to the Home Depot to fill that empty spot in our heart with flowers just like our fancy pants neighbors.

Only, it turns out that they took the time to plant the cool stuff in the fall in preparation for the spring, and all we can get are lousy impatiens (ironic, huh).

Well, this year we’re getting the yard-of-the-month sign by any means necessary. (Anyone got the hook up on a locust swarm?) But before we turn to sabotage, we’ll turn to the green thumbs at North Haven Gardens.

Like most nurseries, they know what to plant, where to plant it and how it will fare in our fine Texas climate.

But one of their best services is their In-Store Garden Coach. For $50, you can sit down and plan that dream garden filled with flowers galore (and probably tons of pansies, too).

During this one-on-one service, you’ll not only get a roadmap for creating your sanctuary but also a “how to” on its care and maintenance. Once you’ve sketched out the perfect paradise, your Garden Coach will walk you through the nursery to show you all the plants you just picked out in all their chlorophyll glory.

Plus, at the end of the consultation you get a $50 North Haven Gardens gift card to apply to your purchase. Hmm, we like that math.

Now to move onto our next life goal, hiring that out-of-work gardener from Desperate Housewives to trim our bush.

North Haven Gardens
7700 Northaven Road, Dallas
(214) 363-5316