Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Know Before You Show: November Theatre

We have a theory that if the Periodic Table of the Elements or Algebra could somehow have been set to the music of Miss Saigon or Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, we would be holed up in a lab finding a cure for cancer right now or busily figuring out an algorithm to solve the world’s financial woes.

There’s just something about telling a tale through music that helps it stick in our brains forever. That’s why we’re dedicating this month’s Know Before You Show to the great gay cliché: the show tune. We may not remember our names when we’re older, but we’ll be singing “sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania” until they pull the plug …on us, or our karaoke machine.

Silly Flagette
Through Sunday, November 9
Who knew that Benjamin Franklin could bust out such stellar jazz hands? Guess that’s what you get when you write a musical about the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence. See, maybe show tunes can teach you something after all.

Tickets: $10 – $18
Campus Theatre
214 W. Hickory, Denton

The Angel of Musak
Phantom of the Opera
Opens Friday, November 7
The $9 price point first aroused our suspicions that this may not be the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical. In fact, that price could hardly pay for one piece of crystal in the chandelier. A follow up call to the ticket office confirmed our suspicions (as well as the Weatherford pronunciation of theatre: “Thee Ate Her”). Indeed, it’s just the comedy/drama play Phantom. Nonetheless, we felt that Phantom deserved a spot in this week’s posting as a nod to the Broadway fruit it later bore. But we can only imagine how many unsuspecting theatergoers will fall victim to this unintentional bait and switch.

Tickets: $9 – $12
Theatre Off The Square
114 North Denton Road, Weatherford

A New Falsetto Spelling Bee
Make Me A Song: The Music of William Finn
Through Sunday, November 23
Second only to being interviewed by Barbara Walters about why you snorted cocaine off of that hooker’s butt crack, a musical celebration of one’s life may be the highest recognition of true accomplishment. The WaterTower Theatre is doing just that for acclaimed songwriter William Finn (Falsetto’s, A New Brain, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) with this funny and touching tribute. A must-see for Finn fans.

Tickets: $20 – $30
WaterTower Theatre
16560 Addison Road, Addison

Rome If You Want To
The Light In The Piazza
Through Sunday, November 23
Need to kill a few hours with the family before they guilt you into next Tuesday? Take them to this show. It’s tame enough to keep granny’s dentures in her mouth, but not so old school and Showboat-esque that you’ll be inclined to slice your wrists with the program during the overture. Plus, it has lots of Italian spoken throughout which is a total verbal aphrodisiac.

Tickets: $10 – $40
Theatre Three, Inc.
2800 Routh Street, Dallas

101 Singular Sensations
101 Years of Broadway
Monday, November 24, 8:00 p.m.
OMG. A night of just the really good songs from shows like Phantom, Les Mis, JC Superstar, Aida and Little Shop of Horrors. Why that’s like a cupcake made of all icing, a one-night-stand without the walk-of-shame, and a shopping spree without the credit card bill. We promise not to sing along (well, at least not too loudly).

Tickets: $30 – $60
Bass Hall
4th & Calhoun Streets, Fort Worth