Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Blue Plate Special

Ah, remember the days in elementary school when nothing was more fun than sitting in the corner of the library looking up dirty words in the dictionary? By the end of fifth grade we had the full definition, etymology and alternate pronunciations of every pseudo-naughty term from “hemorrhoids” and “vagina” to things that just made us laugh like “Lake Titicaca” and “coccyx.”

Well, we’ve progressed considerably since those years. Well, technology has, at least.

You’ve probably heard by now that Texas is offering super deluxe customized license plates with literally millions of possible combinations. So naturally, we had to test the system to see what dirty plates would get passed the computerized censors.

Sadly, “FUC-KER” was not available, but the state proudly recommended “FUC-K3R” as an alternative. Sold!

“S HOLE?” Available!

“SKANK?” Check out now!

“FISTER?” Would you like that gift-wrapped?

With several colors, designs and layouts available, give a better auto accessory gift this year. It sure as hell beats getting grandma yet another set of spinning hub cabs for her neon, hydraulic-enhanced Buick LeSabre.

$95 – $395 per year, depending on level of personalization