Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

November On The Down Low

Usually we roll all glitterati see-and-be-seen style, but this week we’re creeping back in the closet. Well, not that closet. That burned down years ago. This is more of a metaphorical closet. You know, like the kind where you hide the skeletons and the dirty lil’ secrets. Ours is filled with burning desires to be an actor, to build a replica of the Sphinx out of popsicle sticks, to wear a cape with impunity and to make and eat an entire batch of triple-dark-mocha-chocha-lotta almond fudge. This week, we live the dream.

Craft. Cheesy?
Craft Guild of Dallas Art Show and Sale
Opening Reception Tonight, 7:00 -10:00 p.m.
Although years of hot glue burns have made our fingertips about as smooth as a highway in Baghdad, we still can’t give up the stuff. And neither can the other self-affirmed crafters as they come together to celebrate the guild’s 60-year anniversary. Enjoy food, beverages and a juried art show that kicks off three days of handmade goodies for sale.

Free Admission
14325 Proton Road, Dallas
(972) 490-0303

Revenge of the Nerds
Wizard World Texas
Friday – Sunday, November 7-9
Hmm, do you think it’s fair to warn our fellow sci-fi fans that we have impure thoughts about Aquaman? Maybe we should keep those to ourselves. But we’ll crush loud and proud about Corey Feldman, who’s one of this year’s special guests. He’s probably peddling comic books, but he’ll always be The Goonies in our book.

Tickets: $20 and up
Arlington Convention Center
1200 Ballpark Way, Arlington

Southern Baptist Says He
Del Shores Acting Workshop
Saturday, November 8, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Local boy turned bigwig director Del Shores is coming to town to cast for his latest play The Trials and Tribulations of A Trailer Trash Housewife. And while he’s here, the Sordid Lives director has devoted one day to a workshop about “Auditioning and Getting The Job.” We would totally be there, but forgot we signed up for an extra shift at Olive Garden. Such is life until our big break comes along.

Cost: $100 per person; $50 for auditors; $25 for high school and college students
KD Studio Theatre
2600 N. Stemmons Freeway, Dallas
Call (214) 219-2718 to reserve a spot

Your Butt Smells … Like Chablis
Canines, Cats & Cabernet
Sunday, November 9, 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Okay, so this fundraiser doesn’t exactly fit with the “secret hobby” theme, but it had such sad eyes we just had to include it. Proceeds from this wine tasting and auction benefit Operation Kindness, North Texas’ largest and oldest no-kill animal shelter. Go and buy stuff, or we’ll tell everyone you test your self-tanner on defenseless kittens.

Tickets: $75 per person
Hotel Intercontinental
15201 Dallas Parkway, Addison

Sugar. Daddy.
Holiday Sweets Workshop
Monday, November 10, 6:30 p.m.
When it comes to holiday baking, we pray at the church of one-for-you-two-for-us. But size 28 jeans as our witness, this year we are creating decadence only to pass along to friends and family. During this class, you’ll learn how to make White Hot Chocolate with Dark Chocolate-Covered Homemade Marshmallows, Cranberry Bliss Bars, Gingerbread, Scones with Maple Glaze and Butter Toffee Almonds. Okay, maybe we swear on a size 36 pair of jeans.

Cost: $89
Milestone Culinary Arts Center
4531 McKinney Avenue, Dallas
(214) 217-2818