Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Trail Of Queers

As much as we love the hum of city life, sometimes we’ve just got to get away from it all. Plus, we feel extra butchy and cute in those hiking boots.

And with the opening of the Trinity River Audubon Center just a few weekends ago, we can now escape to the great wide open without having to pee outside – glorious.

Did we mention that it’s only about eight minutes away from downtown Dallas? Why is that important, you ask? Because it means that we can almost instantaneously be back in the comfort of the asphalt jungle, cocktail in hand, should a Hairy Woodpecker (real name) mistake our eye sockets for knotholes.

Built on the former Deepwood Landfill, which was filled with more than 1.5-million tons of illegally dumped construction debris, the transformation from dump to nature preserve is even more astounding than Britney Spears’ body bounce-back for the “Womanizer” video.

Visitors can trick “walk” through four miles of trails to enjoy scenic overlooks and possibly catch a glimpse of hundreds of birds who call the former trash heap home.

There’s also a beautiful new building designed by Antoine Predock that’s worth the visit even if your idea of a nature walk is a stroll through NorthPark to see their autumnal plant displays.

Admission: $6 adults
Trinity River Audubon Center
6500 South Loop 12, Dallas