Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Taite Misbehavin’

It’s the classic Christmas conundrum (or Hanukkah hang-up) that’s plagued American families for centuries: what to get the lesbians on our holiday shopping list?

Craftsman tools are always a hit, but they’re so heavy and hard to wrap. We’ve done the “Hummus of the Month Club” for the past three years, so that’s out. And as far as we know, U-Haul doesn’t sell gift cards.

Thankfully, we have the answer this year: a lesbian romance novel!

Written by Dallas novelist Carsen Taite (a.k.a. criminal defense attorney Teresa Cain), Truelesbianlove.com is an engaging story about a woman who’d rather live vicariously through the romance novels she’s addicted to reading, and her plastic-surgeon friend who always has her share of women to keep her warm at night. When they turn to a lesbian love web site to find the “real thing”, their worlds are forever changed.

It’s sure to be a hit among your gal pals, but even the gay men on your short list might appreciate this book, as it never gets terribly explicit in its sex descriptions (though we read the book with one eye covered, just in case we needed to react quickly).

And the good, old-fashioned romance is universally appealing.

Plus, it’s fun to read about some of our favorite Dallas hot spots, along with plenty of local in-jokes about life in our fair city.

So hit Sue Ellen’s on November 14 for the official launch party and get the author to sign every book you buy, whether for yourself or as a present for your sensible-shoe-wearing aunt you’ve always wondered about.

Because nothing says Happy Holidays like the gift of erect nipples and oh-so-gentle caresses beneath the twinkling moonlight.

“Truelesbianlove.com” by Carsen Taite
$10.95 (e-book), $16.95 (printed version)

Launch Party
Friday, November 14, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Sue Ellen’s
3014 Throckmorton, Dallas