Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

You’re Gonna Make It After All

When Nodding Dog Cafe shuttered its doors in the Bishop Arts District a few months ago a collective sigh of sadness was heard by everyone who had made it their non-Starbucks refuge.

Sure, they ran out of sub-par coffee often and had an assortment of furniture and art that would make those creepy “hoarders” featured on 20/20 jealous, but it was a perfect place to gather with friends or to surf the free Wi-Fi on a lazy Sunday morning.

We’re happy to report that like a phoenix from the well-read ashes, the former coffee klatch has been transformed into something even better – Dicho’s, a book store, coffee shop and gift store all in one.

The second Texas location for owners Gilbert Burrola and Jorge Alvarez (the other location is in Gainesville), Dicho’s has taken the dingy Nodding Dog space and reconfigured it into a sleek bookstore brimming with engaging coffee table books, best sellers, cards, gifts and even furniture.

In the back of the store is Cretia’s, a coffee shop featuring case after case of sugar-coma inducing pastries. Settle down with an espresso and a slab of cake (the choices vary daily), or hop on the baked-good bandwagon and bite into one of many flavors of cupcakes.

In an age of soulless coffee shops and big-box bookstores, it’s almost surreal to find this jewel of a boutique business. And as their tagline goes, it really is “Your little book store with BIG DREAMS.”

Well, keep on dreamin’ Dicho’s cause we think you’re going to make it big, just like Mary Tyler Moore or maybe Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (not that we think you’re a hooker or anything).

500 North Bishop Avenue, Dallas
(214) 946-9422