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Hooray For Hags – Blythe Beck

With a shock of red hair, a penchant for pink chef pants and quips like “cooking’s a bitch and I’m about to be one in a minute,” it’s no surprise that Hector’s on Henderson Executive Chef Blythe Beck charted off the homo Richter Scale for our favorite Fag Hags Q&A.

Here’s what she had to say about bacon fat, Nick Lachey and Bea Arthur. (Eww, not Nick Lachey and Bea Arthur together with bacon fat, that would be a totally different interview.)

Q: With that sultry, Kathleen Turner voice, quick wit and liberal use of words like “sexy bitch,” we imagine the gays were flocking to you even on the elementary-school playground. When do you first realize the power of the fag hag?
A: Well, I have always loved my boys and I have always had my way with them. I mean we dooooo have so much in common. I would say I have felt the power for a mighty long time, and I heart it!

Q: What’s your term of endearment for your very best gay?
How can I have just one? I will give you my top three…Twisted Sister, Sexy Bitch, ‘Mo.

Q: Straight women and gay men make a pairing about as perfect as your signature Deep Fried Avocado Stuffed with Lobster and Cheese. What words of wisdom would you impart on a gal who is looking to find a gay to call her very own?
A: Well first of all, I love the reference to my sexy New American cuisine…so thanks! I would say that any girl that is looking to get into one of the best relationships of her life should be willing to take great fashion, make-up and hair advice, be able to handle some bitchiness, and be willing to compromise on mirror time. Also chances are if you find a boy that you heart…he’s a sister so run it by your ‘Mo. They always know first!

Q: Who’s a dream customer you would love to see walk through the door at Hector’s on Henderson to sample your bidness? And a nightmare customer?
A: Well anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I HEART Nick Lachey. I would absolutely love to cook for him. I could make him some dirty, sexy, naughty comfort food. He would never leave! A nightmare customer would be one that does not love and worship the pork fat the way I do…but even then we could do some converting!

Q: You’re working on a TV show called “The Naughty Kitchen.” In your years in the business, what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done (or caught people doing) in the kitchen?
A: My kitchen at work or at home? The naughtiest thing I have ever done in my kitchen is take a whole slab of bacon, rub bacon fat on it and then pack it with brown sugar. Now that’s fucking dirty!

Q: If you didn’t end up becoming a chef (a chef with world culinary domination, we might add), what would you be?
A: Ironically enough probably something with animals. I know, I know it is hypocritical, but I love animals and my dirty secret is to one day have just a ginormous petting zoo on a farm and let my mom run it. Not for profit, just to have.

Q: Oysters on the half shell are kind of a food seduction cliché, what’s the newest, sexiest way we can seduce a man with food?
A: Let’s be real honest…deep-fried, beer-braised, highly sauced meat! I am no fool. I know what men love.

Q: Your boss, Hector, is known for singing to his patrons. What’s your favorite number he performs and which one makes you cringe?
A: Well, now let’s repeat that sentence. You just asked my something about my boss, so I am going to have to go with none of them make me cringe. I do enjoy “Moon Dance” and “Since I Fell For You.” He really enjoys performing and you can see it all over his face.

Q: Okay, last one. As you may know, we’re totally celebrity obsessed at Gay List Daily (like in a teenage girl TigerBeat kind of way). If you could switch bodies with one celeb for a day, who would it be and why?
A: Wow, that is a great question and a hard question. By the way I heart the TigerBeat reference. I was a subscriber! I would be Bea Arthur because I would love to be a Golden Girl. I am obsessed!

Wanna know more?
Visit Blythe at Hector’s on Henderson
2929 North Henderson Avenue, Dallas

Or check out previews of “The Naughty Kitchen” at www.thenaughtykitchen.tv