Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

And Then There Was YUM

It’s not often that we get to tell you about hot new hangouts and use language like, “just turn right at the trailer park and if you pass the old sketchy motel/brothel, you’ve gone too far.” But that’s exactly how we would tell you to find Oak Cliff’s newest bar, restaurant and all around gathering place – Jack’s Backyard.

Appropriately enough, the two major landmarks near Jack’s are the popular Belmont Hotel and less popular Lou Sterrett Justice Center, which kind of sets the scene.

Tucked in between, in the former shell of an old auto garage, you’ll find the newest project of longtime bar-scene queen Kathy Jack and partner chef Susie Buck.

Comprised of multiple buildings (one for dining, one for drinking and pool), tons of outdoor seating and even a couple of railroad cars set to double as a stage, Jack’s is the kind of place you grab a beer with friends (low carb, of course), listen to live music and chow down.

Chef Susie’s menu is comfort food all the way. Enjoy Jack’s Bites: chicken, water chestnut and pickled jalapeno wrapped in bacon; Barbecue Brisket Sandwiches; Burgers and a Pimento Cheese Sandwich unlike any variation you’ve ever had.

Our prediction: this place will start slow with a devoted following of locals. By spring it will be overrun by Yuppies who finally worked up the courage to cross the Trinity and park next to a doublewide. And by summer, it’ll be wall-to-wall with a mix as eclectic as a Felini film.

In other words – total success.

Jack’s Backyard
510 West Commerce/2303 Pittman, Dallas
(214) 741-3131