Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Reduce Your Cabernet Footprint

Our wellness doctor, yoga instructor, tea-leaf reader, chakra aligner and tantric massage therapist all agree on one thing – living a healthy life is all about moderation.

You don’t necessarily have to give anything up, but if it’s bad for you, putting limits on yourself will keep your mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony.

And we couldn’t agree more.

So the first step toward ultimate enlightenment for us is to drastically reduce our alcohol intake. After all, we learn from our mistakes and it doesn’t take 13 warnings from the police to stop rubbing our naked bodies on the front windows of Panda’s asking customers if they want to sample our pu pu platter.

(For the record, it only takes 12 citations and a night in jail.)

Right here, right now, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly commit, for all the world to read, that we herewith shall limit ourselves to only a single glass of wine per day. (Just let us bring our own glass. Sanitary reasons, you know.)

And have we got a special glass!

Just in time for holiday parties and gift-giving, Nuvo has a beautiful piece of stemware called the XL Wine Glass.

Elegant, dainty, sophisticated and able to hold an entire 750ml bottle of wine (or just about one-fifth of a box), it’s the glass with class. Not to mention ideal for making a drag queen’s hands look dainty, too.

Pinkies out, everyone!

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