Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Picking Coton

Ah, the French. They may smell like body odor and old baguettes, but we love them anyway. They make great cheese. They make great wine. And they gave us that precious Statue of Liberty as a housewarming gift.

Plus they have a “better-than-you” attitude with which we can so identify.

And while French high fashion is a staple for the ladies, the fellas can now get into the overseas trend with the opening of Café Coton in The Plaza at Preston Center – only their third location in the U.S.

But before any of our fellow Texans wander in and make an ass of themselves, it’s pronounced “kah-tone.” (Just pinch your nose and pretend you are doing your best Maître d impersonation.)

Café Coton specializes in shirts, ties and luxurious sweaters. Their 100 percent Egyptian cotton shirts promise to be baby’s-butt smooth, even for you princess-and-the-pea types who break out in a cold sweat at the thought of polyfiber blends. Shriek!

For you ladies looking to buy your best guy (or gay) a gift, Café Coton keeps pertinent info such as measurements, color faves and style preferences on file. Not that you HAVE to buy us anything, but we did set you up with our really cute, straight personal trainer.

That’s worth at least a tie, right?

Café Coton
8300 Preston Road, Dallas
(214) 265-3900