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Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

Remember the good old days? We’re talking really old. Like before B.C. We’re talking B.D. – as in Before Digital!

Oh those were the days! Remember having to actually get up to change the channel? Or fighting with your sister over the corded phone because you were afraid the cute boy in your Social Studies class might call and get a busy signal? How about Jiffy Pop? 8-Tracks! Polaroid cameras!

Unfortunately, we were stuck with a Kodak Instamatic and had to wait months till all thirty-six photos were shot before we could beg mom to drive us to the FotoMat in the Country Squire wagon.

Then we had to wait a full week for those glossy doubles to be developed! Inevitably we’d always be mortified because the combination of braces, pimples, wire-rimmed glasses and orange hair from too much Sun-In was never such a good look.

Meanwhile, every time we look at those ridiculous old photos we get a little veklempt. But we hardly ever look at them anymore. Mostly because they’re in that big cardboard box under our bed, next to all those B.I. (Before Internet) porno magazines we never look at either.

Never fear, ScanMyPhotos.com is here!

Just pack up those old, yellowing photos (according to strict ScanMyPhotos specifications) and send them off. ScanMyPhotos will scan them professionally and return the precious originals back to you along with a DVD full of 300dpi JPEG files! All work is completed on-site and will be shipped back within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Plus they promise not to laugh at those Halloween pics when you dressed up like Sabrina from Charlie’s Angels. You were always the smart one!

And best of all, those B.F. photos (Before Facebook) are suddenly uploadable and, better yet, embarrassingly taggable!

$50 for up to 1,000 photos
$125 for as many photos as you can fit into our prepaid box mailed to you! (Approximately 1,600)
Check website for more information on 35mm slides, 35mm and APS negatives, and video to DVD transfer.