Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ga Ga For Goga

Contrary to popular belief, we are all in favor of judging books by their covers. In fact, that’s exactly how we found our favorite book: The Pictorial History of Shirtless Quarterbacks & Their Puppies.

And that same logic proved true when we discovered HOTTIE local songster Goga performing at a Black Tie Dinner after party.

Before he even opened his mouth, we were ready to book him for our next soiree. (See, what some might consider shallowness is actually a very beneficial trait in efficient decision-making!)

But things got even better when this Mediterranean-esque Manteuse started singing in a voice somewhere between Barry White and Maroon 5. Accompanying himself with a guitar, a synthesizer and our squeals of rapture, Goga cranked out two hours of standards ranging from the Gipsy Kings to Enrique Iglesias all with a subtle European influence that made each number ten times sexier than the last.

Our infatuation must have been a little obvious, as he actually declined our request to perform “Sex Bomb.”

Hmm, maybe it was the thought of a room full of men inspired by the Tom Jones panty-tossing ladies barraging him with an assortment of designer boxer briefs that proved too much.

We’ll try to be more coy at his next gig.

Goga performs most Thursdays at Trece, 4513 Travis Street in Dallas, but check his Web site for a current schedule and YouTube videos.