Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tryin’ A Which And A Wardrobe

While there may be some truth to the notion that gay men are fabulous dressers and the epitome of taste and style, we’ll let you in on a dirty secret: not all of us are born and bred Queer Eye stock.

In fact, there’s a small faction of our brethren who are downright fashion challenged. Sad, we know, but true.

We like to think of these poor, style-starved boys as the limpy-legged gazelles of our big homo herd. They just lag behind in their ill-fitting, pleated Dockers until one day a pride of drag queens just takes them down never to be seen again.

But because we are so kind hearted (and don’t want any more fashion failures ruining our good gay name), we’ve decided to let them in on a secret – the wardrobe and fashion styling service Style Fab Inc.

Helmed by fashionista Gretchen Ratkovic, Style Fab Inc. provides everything from a simple closet consultation, working with what you already own, to a full-fledged makeover.

Think Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman without the prostitution.

Looking for a new ‘do? She’ll even call on her good pal Daniel Lewis from Bravo’s Sheer Genius to get you in for a consultation at his Green Peridot Salon.

Over the years, Ratkovic has seen some pretty bad cases of bad taste, but she says the number one offense for guys is desperately holding on to the styles of their prime and not adapting to new trends.

And yes, Mr. Livin’ La Vida Lycra Shirt, she was talking about you!

Consultations start at $75/hour