Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Philly, Buster.

When it comes to happy hour, we know it’s hard to break ourselves away from the bars where everyone knows our names. Our Cheers for queers, so to speak. But sometimes it’s nice to venture beyond the boy borders and experience how the other 90 percent lives.

So next time you find yourself attending the concert of a has-been ’80s band reunited for the really-really last time at the American Airlines Center or somebody’s tricked you into attending a basketball game because of the promise of free booze in their corporate suite, have we got a great pre/post game/concert spot in Victory Park.

It’s called The Boardroom. And contrary to the image that immediately pops into your heads, this one doesn’t have a megalomaniac with a comb-over screaming at you that you’ve been fired.

This is a swank sports bar with an elevated-yet-down-to-earth take on pub food. It’s gourmet grub at a regular-grub price.

The cocktails are well crafted, the beer’s ice cold, and the menu items have cutesy names – all things we love.

Hell, you can even get a lobster corny dog.

But the reason we keep going back to the Boardroom is for the Philly Cheesesteak, known here as the Steak N Whiz (not to be confused with the new urinating vampire-slayer book series, Stake & Whiz).

Ain’t nothin’ high-brow about this most wicked sandwich, splendid in its simplicity. Sliced beef, mushrooms, hot peppers and the mother of all processed foods: Cheez Whiz.

One bite and you’ll think Rocky is about to bust through the back door shouting, “Adrian!”

But then a pair of rock-hard fake tits catches your eye and you remember you’re still in Dallas. But really, isn’t that the best of both worlds?

The Boardroom
2990 Olive Street, Dallas
(214) 740-0555