Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sake To Me

We know firsthand about the curative properties of liquor. On more than one occasion it has magically melted away the stress of a bad day at work and even transformed that porno-’stache wearing papaw at the end of the bar into an Abercrombie model right before our eyes. (Sadly, its magic did not last until morning).

But recently, we found a way to benefit from spirits without having to send an apology e-mail to friends for commandeering the iPod at the Christmas party and insisting on giving each of them a lap dance to Journey’s “Anyway You Want It,” all while wearing nothing but a bath mat and some strategically placed cocktail napkins.

Fresh, the newly opened bath and beauty boutique in NorthPark, offers a Rice Sake Bath product made up of more than 50 percent pure sake. The sake actually helps increase circulation and body temperature, which in turn helps your body to detoxify by sweating out the toxins.

And don’t worry, it’s infused with elements of pine and ginger, too, so you won’t end up smelling like an all-night bender at the Sushi Emporium.

Sake Bath, $80 (14 oz.)
NorthPark Center, Dallas