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They Say You Want A Revolution

We really hope this whole green revolution isn’t some fad. Time and time again, the coolest shenanigans have busted faster than you can dance the Macarena. Thankfully for Mother Earth, Apple offers some fresh “green” apps in their iTunes garden.

Don’t let enviro-fabulousness go the way of shoulder pads, lava lamps and puka shell necklaces. Here are a few apps for your iPhone and iPod touch that are sure to shrink your carbon footprint.

Green List Daily
Go Green Free
Okay, we’re unabashedly biased. How can we not totally love an app that has a feature called the “Green List?” G-List in the hizz-ouse! Go Green Free offers tons of sweet tips and shells one out to you each time you launch the app. Not only are the tips unexpected and helpful, they also contribute to your “Green Status.” Status, huh? How swanky. It’s like a velvet rope, only biodegradable.

Free on iTunes

Dream a Little Dream
Dream: Green
More relaxation than conservation, Dream: Green helps the weary wanderer find inner peace. Pop in your earbuds and enjoy the soothing sounds of the green planet, whether it’s wind, water or wildlife. Adjusting and combining sound types and volumes gives this app an extra personal touch. Dream: Green might not directly affect the environment, but any app that decreases hot air output sounds beneficial to us.

$1 on iTunes

Pedal to the (Recyclable) Metal
People who slam the gas pedal look like pubescent high school dill holes. Use greenMeter and fully realize the seriously dark tread in your auto’s performance. From cost and consumption to efficiency and energy impact, greenMeter’s magical internal accelerator and graphs help you save gas and the world. Yes, the price is nearly six bucks, but greenMeter is unabashedly helpful and boasts a rare five-star iTunes rating.

$6 on iTunes