Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Clutz-Proof Cocktailing

At the Gay List Daily Mansion the Gay List Bunnies love to throw us parties, but we always hate the day after when we discover our vintage, albino rabbit-fur go-go boots are covered from top to bottom in Pomegranate-Passion Fruit Martini.

But we refuse to stoop to serving cocktails in red Solo cups. That’s just wrong.

We heart glassware. And we heart-gasm martini glasses.

Problem is, after one or six, people start getting a little bit sloppy and the sweet, sweet nectar of Dionysus is all over the floor and everyone within the splash zone.

Well, the ingenious people over at Sipatiniz (ignore the “z” and you’ll get the name) have fool-proofed the martini glass. Thanks to a protective rim that makes them virtually spill-resistant, you can look at your watch, point at an eclipse or flip off that bitch that just commented on your ONE gray hair – all while holding your cocktail.

The design allows for a straw (ewww), but it actually works perfectly fine without one. Just stick your lips around the tiny hole and enjoy.

Based in Dallas, the company is a finalist in Dallas Market Center’s “The Next Big Thing” competition, so order your Sipatiniz before they become famous and jack up the prices!

And don’t let the not-so-great web site photos dissuade you (ice in martinis, really?), these glasses actually look great in person.

Bottom line, they’re sippy cups for adults and perfect for people like us. And by people like us, we mean drunks. There. Happy now?

$30 for a set of four