Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dirty Gay Boys

Whenever the Gay List Daily boys get together, liquor flows, stories grow, and the mo’s are ho-ho-ho’s.

Like the time when the Dallas boys came to New York. There were drinks at Splash. Then more drinks at Splash. Then there was Carson Kressley at Splash.

But it’s all a bit hazy after the Cab Five hopped in a taxi. There may or may not have been some splish-splashing in the Fashionista’s hot tub? However, by the time our Queer Eyes were bloodshot, there was definitely one huge splish-splash of red wine on the zebra print rug. (We’re guessing Thom didn’t decorate…)

Although there’s no point in crying over milky substances, spilt merlot is a different story. Lady Macresssley was obviously distraught, “Out, damn'd spot! Out, I say!” But even her blood-curdling screams did nothing to help that blood-colored stain.

Although we never kiss and tell when it comes to which boys Look Better Naked, when it comes to amazing cleaning products, the Gay List Daily boys are definitely not the type to keep a filthy rumor-remover to ourselves!

Capture. For everything that gets into your carpet, Capture gets it out. And we do mean everything. Wine, pet stains, that pesky spot of gay DNA? Gaying, gaying, gone!

It’s nothing short of miraculous.

There’s no soggy mess, no annoying residue, and no machine to rent. Just spray the stain with Pre-Mist, sprinkle it with Deep Cleaning powder, brush it in, wait thirty minutes and let the vacuum munch that rug!

Although surely we’ll never be invited back, we’re happy to report that by the time we were evicted, we left nothing but footprints (and unfortunate zebra prints) in the freshly vacuumed, stain-free rug.

Capture Carpet Munching Cleaning Kit
Available at Lowe's, Home Depot, Menard's, PetSmart & Sears