Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

What Would Barbra Do?

We’ve been baptized, confirmed, had our first communions, and moonlighted as Altar Boys, but we’re still unsure about these twelve days of Christmas that everybody sings about. Not to mention the fact that we have zero interest in pesky partridges in pear trees (unless, of course, the partridge in question happens to be Shirley Jones’ eldest son Keith circa 1971. Sigh.).

Although the Twelve Days of Christmas may be extremely confusing to recovering Catholics, somehow we seem to have a handle on the eight crazy nights of Hanukkah thanks to a much more informative song popularized by Adam Sandler: 8 crazy nights = 8 crazy presents.

But instead of re-gifting those eight maids-a-milking (ewww), we’re here to help with some more appropriate gift ideas that will definitely put the “men” back in menorah.

Check out heebmagazine.com for this year’s must have fashion tee: “What Would Barbra Do?” ($25). It comes in pink or white and can be ordered in sizes small enough for gay boys with big arms who prefer to shop at Baby Gap.

However, if it’s time to trade in that old, eight-armed candelabrum, may we suggest an energy efficient LED Menorah from moderntribe.com. Made from recycled motherboards, this menorah is environmentally green.

If times are tough, how about sending out some Rocking Hanukkah cards ($4 per card or $13.50 for the set)! These kitschy cards from rebooters.net highlight some of our favorite Jewish album covers (Sol Zim, Moishe Oysher and Stanley Adams). Oy to the World!

But if you want to feel a bit gelt-y, then you can always make a dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, and then go “out” a Clay (Gaiken)!

Hanukkah Gift Ideas
W.W.B.D. T-Shirt: www.heebmagazine.com/store
LED Menorah: www.moderntribe.com
Hanukkah Holiday Cards: www.rebooters.net