Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Flexible, Versatile And Ready For Action

How many times has this happened to you: you’re filming an illicit rendezvous with a high-profile “straight” celebrity so you can sell the video to Perez Hilton and make enough money to keep the bank from foreclosing on your home for at least another month, but resting your camera on the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom stall just doesn’t provide the proper angle?

Way too often, if you ask us. (We just attract that kind of crazy.)

But no matter the situation, the Gorillapod from Joby is the perfect travel companion.

Now available in a variety of striking colors (including hot pink, our stereotypical fave), this is a flexible tripod that adapts to any shooting environment. It can wrap around a tree branch, sit atop a boulder, or strap on to a bottle of wine.

You name it. Whatever’s around, you can attach your camera and get the perfect, steady shot.

We like it best for setting our self-timer and getting ourselves in every shot, but it’s also great for simply controlling the shakes. Like for all those photos you’ll want to take on your next rehab visit when the detox tremors set in.

Besides, that Gary Busey’s a fast one.

The new Gorillapod Go-Go! is also available with adapters that work with almost any camera phone, MP3 player or other portable devices you don’t want to have to carry around like some unevolved member of the species.

Prices start at $22
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