Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tea For Chew

The world is a series of cliques. There are Republicans and Democrats; dog lovers and cat fanciers; those who adore kids and those who think they carry Small Pox; and of course, coffee people versus tea people.

But just as Starbucks has created a smooth-jazz-Grande-Pathos-filled haven for java hipsters, Chill Bubble Tea has launched an equally cool, but way more Zen, vibe for tea enthusiasts.

(The first location in Texas, we might add).

This ain’t your grandpa’s tea bag either (ewww, tea-bagging grandpa). Bubble Tea is a mix of fruits or teas blended into a smoothie then poured over tapioca pearls. Okay, so maybe that sounds like a texture malfunction, but once you wrap your lips around the GIANT straws, you kind of get the hang of sucking down the sweet nectar interspersed with chewy nuggets.

Flavors run the range from the exotic Lychee or curious Avocado, to the sugary Milk Tea or fruity Watermelon.

If you’re the type whose gag reflex kicks in at the slightest hint of viscosity, Chill Bubble Tea also offers loose-leaf tea served hot or cold and “swirls” natural frozen yogurt with a spread of different toppings to choose from including fresh fruit, candies and even Cap’n Crunch or Fruity Pebbles. Hello nostalgia.

With its white sleek interior, iPod full of trancey house music and even a machine that seals your drink with a hymen-like sticker in lieu of a lid, this place may help us kick the coffee habit.

Unfortunately, we might start chasing the tapioca dragon in the process.

Chill Bubble Tea
13465 Inwood Road, Dallas
(972) 233-2888