Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cute, Cuddly And Crazy

This year for Christmas, give yourself the gift of truth. Tell yourself exactly what you need to hear.

We’ll start for you – you will never be a rock star.

Ouch. In the words of Cher, that was way harsh.

Still, this doesn’t mean you have to take out your inner edge, though. Put down the Fender and check out Psycho Bunny.

Decidedly British but available worldwide, Psycho Bunny mixes old world conservative styles with a dark, fanatical sensibility. Their logo, the iconic skull and cross bones upended with bunny ears, says everything you need to know about the quirky design house.

Which is important, since their logo’s whored out across most of their work, and that’s not a bad thing. Come on, Louis Vuitton and Abercrombie have built empires off that, and the gays have flocked to them for years and years.

A polo shirt stitched with the Psycho Bunny icon and a scarf with Psycho Bunnies woven throughout give these prepster icons a strange, stylish edge. Their hats – many of them, skull caps, natch – will no doubt enhance your badass appeal.

We’re big fans of their almost-inappropriate-for-work neckties – the styles mixing Psycho Bunnies with golfing crests take GLD top marks.

For hardcore jewelry enthusiasts, take a look at Psycho Bunny’s collection of hand-built trophy belt buckles. A few thousand bucks will give you a personally crafted, special order of a buckle finely etched pewter, silver, and gold works, embellished with macramé and black and cognac diamonds.

Sure, some might call you crazy for such a purchase, but you know what they say about men who wear big buckles.

Shop online at www.psycho-bunny.com