Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Home Chic Home

If it’s one thing we say to ourselves at least twice a day, it’s that there just aren’t enough $500 candles in Dallas. But at least now we know where to get them.

At Napa Home, treat your house like a dirty mistress and buy it some really expensive accessories. Sure, we all know by now that home décor isn’t all about a super-high price tag on every piece, but just like our wardrobes, it’s good to have a high-dollar item or two to divert the eye from the occasional Old Navy sweater.

Or in this case, that IKEA futon.

No, this store has some amazing accessories that will elevate any room to In Style-worthy status. Everything here is a conversation piece, and every conversation will begin with “Oh. My. God!”

Or if you’re the type who prefers to splurge on yourself, Napa Home also a wonderful assortment of bath and body products, home fragrances and even a few select gourmet food items.

In other words, something for your sense of sight, taste, smell and touch. As for hearing, doesn’t KA-CHING! count for something?

Now don’t get us wrong. We poke fun at extravagance only because it’s in vogue right now. But just in case you’re afraid that the reckless-spending police are watching, there are plenty of great buys for $25 or less.

Then, when nobody’s looking, have the clerk ring up that sexy $245 salt-and-pepper set and meet you in the alley.

After all, if nobody sees you charge it, it never really happened. Seriously, we read that on Wikipedia.

Napa Home
4012 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas
(214) 520-4880