Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gettin’ Swiggies With It

Hydration is good for the skin and fanny packs are bad for your image. So what’s a boy (or lesbian on the go) to do?

Why, get a Swiggies wrist-mounted water bottle, of course. It’s a fabulously “As Seen On TV” accoutrement for any gym bunny or even a gym llama with an arthritic hip.

Picture it. You’re in the middle of your downward facing dog pose is some super heated yoga studio and all you can think about is that water bottle sitting across the room. Sure it would be nice to take a sip, but then you’d get the stink eye from that ever-so-limber instructor.

But with a Swiggie on the wrist you can quench that thirst proudly with your ass high in the air.

And, if you fill it with Vodka in lieu of water, you’ll have the courage to ask for the cutie yogarino’s phone number, too.

Plus if you over indulge there’s always that Savasana pose at the end, which is a perfect time for a disco nap. Namast-hey, girl.

$13 per set
Holds 5.5 ounces each