Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Forty Gays & Forty Plights

You’ve had bad nights before. A stiff drink flung in your face. Screaming the wrong name at the wrong time. Searching desperately for the hidden pint in the freezer to numb the pain. Life is tough.

But let’s get real – there’s drama, and then there’s drama.

Sincere people have sincere problems, such as the folks in Crisis: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social, and Religious Pain and Trauma of Growing Up Gay In America.

Editor Mitchell Gold has compiled heartbreaking and heartwarming testaments from forty gays and lesbians. Some are superstars, like ex-Governor James McGreevy and the Right Reverend Gene Robinson, and some are regular ole Joes and plain Janes.

Each tells about his or her personal adventure navigating through the ugly world of homophobia and self-loathing.

Now, a lazy reader could flip through the pages of Crisis and easily dwell on the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days of these forty folks. Consider Mary Lou Wallner, a ex-fundamentalist Christian whose harsh and un-accepting behavior drove her daughter to commit suicide. Tough stuff.

But for all its weepy downer-ishness – and Lord almighty, there’s plenty – the stories end with an uplift higher than a drag-queen’s heels. Wallner, plagued with guilt and questions, overcame her hatred, forgave herself, and established a ministry promoting acceptance so no mother has to go through what she did.

See? Crisis wonderfully shows that much work is to be done for us gays, but that by sharing experiences and learning from one another, we can make real differences.

Buck up, buttercup – life is beautiful.

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