Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Skin Trade

You know it’s time for a facial when that bitch behind the ticket counter at DFW tries to charge you an extra $50 for excess bags when you’re not traveling with a single suitcase.

Yes, the late nights are catching up with you and those dark under-eye circles are taunting you like a grade school bully. But like a shirtless Obama showing off his buff, fortysomething bod, there’s still hope for us all.

The gays have long had a love affair with Renée Rouleau, Dallas’ diva of derma and as much as we love the occasional (and necessary) indulgence in a Synergy 7 facial from the master herself, we’ve got to do a little homework so that Ms. Rouleau doesn’t send us to skincare detention.

So, every time we’re in the spa (or taking a break from watching that skinny guy dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies on YouTube to do some online shopping), we load up on RR facial products.

And there’s nothing better to score an A+ one the age-defiance scale than her signature Synergy Eye Cream.

Just pat a small amount under the eyes and on your squint lines in the morning, in the evening (ain’t we got fun!) and see the results almost immediately. Over a couple weeks, you’ll really notice a difference.

Then next time you’re at Whole Foods and you’re asked, “Paper or plastic?” you can proudly exclaim, “Thank you, I don’t need bags in my life.” Just make sure to throw in a dramatic gesture for full effect. They’ll just think you’re environmentally conscious, but you’ll know you’re really just vain.

And vanity trumps green.

Synergy Eye Cream: $60