Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Calling All Dancing Queens

In between quests for virtual gay bars in World of Warcraft, stealing cars and running from the Popo in Grand Theft Auto, and dodging the occasional ghost in Ms. Pac-Man, we didn’t think we had time to fit more gaming into our work days.

But when SingStar ABBA hit store shelves, we changed our tune. And it’s a bit pitchy, dawg.

That’s OK, though. Bad ABBA is like bad sex: both are better than “good” Celine Dion.

Whether you have a PlayStation 2 or 3, you’re gonna love your moment in the spotlight as you sing ABBA’s greatest hits along with videos of the real group, not some lame karaoke cover band.

It’s livelier than charades or “three minutes in heaven” at parties, and accordingly it has plenty of multi-user options if your Captain needs a new Tennille.

For PS3, you can even download additional songs from other artists from SingStore or even record your jam sessions for posterity (complete with video if you add the Eye Toy USB camera).

Then prepare for your big break. Sure, that probably translates to the windows shattering in your house, but who cares, you’re singing with ABBA!

So take a chance on SingStar and be a Super Trouper, not a party pooper.

$30 for PS2; $40 for PS3