Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pretty And Pink

The holiday season is officially over. The Christmas tree’s on the curb awaiting bulky trash pickup, and we finally got the last bit of glitter and confetti out of our various cracks and crevices after a torrid New Year’s Eve party at the Melrose Hotel.

Now, the reality of 2009 is finally setting in. We’ve got tons of bills from an extravagant month of gift-giving and a couple rounds of bail.

It’s time to save money. And what better way to pinch a penny than stay at home, curl up in front of the TV and watch a rom-com or two?

But we need a great movie to kick things off.

So we hopped into the Gay List Daily time machine (it’s completely gasoline-free and affordable to operate in case you thought we were pulling a GM on you). We set the dials for 1985 in search of an authentic ’80s high school flick, but something unexpected happened as we transported ourselves back to 2009 with the DVD.

Not only had the VHS tape turned into a disc, but Molly Ringwald is now a big fag! But she’s hot and doesn’t have pouty lips any more, so we’re like totally not worried if our time travel altered history.

But enough with the lengthy backstory. You’re here for a movie review.

Curiosity of Chance is a fantastic little film that perfectly captures the angst, fashion and techno-synth soundtrack of any classic John Hughes film, without plummeting into a bad parody of the genre.

The sincere approach and relatable coming-out story at the center of Curiosity somehow fits nicely against the neon-colored, brand-name backdrop of the greed decade.

Sure, many of the characters fill the clichéd stereotypes of every J. Hu movie ever made, but they’re completely necessary to carry off the intended effect and nostalgic allure.

The result is a charming, often-hilarious homage to a more innocent era when “cheese” simply referred to Weird Al Yankovic, not a deadly form of heroin. But we’re not complaining.

After all, what do you think powers our time machine?

Curiosity of Chance
Written and directed by: Russel P. Marleau
Starring: Tad Hilgenbrinck, Brett Chukerman, and Aldevina Da Silva
Running Time: 98 minutes
Available for sale ($20) or rental at Tapelenders Video
3926 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas
(214) 528-6344