Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ding Dong. Dinner Calling.

DIET, it’s a four-letter word. Ack!

Okay, we totally stole that off our Cathy coffee mug. But seriously, if you want to wear box-cuts that won’t fit a refrigerator box in time for that big gay cruise, then it’s time to face up to your foodie resolutions.

Whether you’re of the “thou shalt not carb” variety or more of just a “no sweets except chocolate syrup licked from a stripper’s six-pack abs” dieter, it’s all about having a plan of action.

For us, that plan includes staying out of the kitchen and letting Diet Gourmet deliver our healthy, low-calorie meals.

Built around a five-week menu or an A La Carte option, the food is delivered twice weekly giving you everything you need to graze freely while sticking to that 1,100-calorie oath.

And everything is totally healthy whether you’re a tranny trying to avoid trans-fat or just looking for some BDSM without the MSG.

Meal options vary weekly and offer plenty of options for even the most finicky palates. Choose from entrees such as Chicken Pot Pie with a light sherry sauce, Salmon Picatta, Crab-Stuffed Shrimp or Beef Goulash with cabbage and cauliflower.

And with all that extra time you’ll save not slaving away in the kitchen microwaving a frozen dinner, you’ll have plenty of time to go to the gym.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even end up inviting that hot spin class instructor home to sample your “boxed lunch?”

1,100-calorie plans start at $20.65 per day plus delivery.