Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

International Male

Remember when we had to trudge five miles through the suburbs to rent porn? Only to find out it was straight? How about when our only gay outlet was that glorious International Male catalog that would show up every month in our mailbox even though we never ordered one single item of leather-print, spandex clothing?

It’s like their marketing department knew we were gay before we did!

Sigh. Those were the days. Just thinking about the throng of tacky bathing suit thongs gets us a little verklempt.

Look how far we’ve come! Today we are truly international males! We’ve traveled to exotic gay destinations like Paris, Sydney, Rio & Buenos Aires. We’ve shopped and shagged our way around this glorious gay globe!

Unfortunately, it’s gotten rather tricky to stay in touch with our tricks.

Although we’ve been extremely ‘mo-bile since losing the landline in the divorce, our cell provider doesn’t give us much choice beyond their “International Rape” calling plan. Each month we feel like we’ve been attacked by guerrilla warfare just from opening our cell bill.

If you find more gripe than hype when you Skype, then you need to check out Gorilla Mobile. It’s international phone calling made for easy, breezy cover girls like us.

Simply dial the Gorilla Mobile Access Number, wait for the tone and then make your call. Gorilla automatically recognizes your mobile or home phone. No PIN required!

Call the U.K. for a bill smashing 5¢ per minute! Talk to the tall and tanned and young and lovely Gurl from Ipanema for a mere 9¢ a minute! And, oooh la la! Parlez-vous français pour 6¢!

Gorilla Mobile’s rates are as shockingly low as Ma Bell’s are mockingly high.

Your wallet will feel bottom(less). And the call quality? Top(s) notch!

Gorilla Mobile
Free trial includes $5 credit for up to 100 minutes of international calls!
Good from any phone or carrier from within the U.S.
Annual fee (after trial period): $5.95
Rates vary according to country
(800) 881-3004