Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Star Isn’t Born

If only every profession required a headshot to be considered for the job. Along with relevant experience, it would also be mandatory for candidates to list their height, weight and legitimate vocal range. Just think how much less crabby Human Resources Directors would be.

Alas, for now headshots are pretty much reserved for actors and the occasional go-go boy. But thanks to a riotously schadenfreudelicious new book, Holy Headshots! A Celebration of America’s Undiscovered Talent, we get a glimpse into the laugh-a-minute world of casting directors.

This collection of actual headshots and résumés is so funny, our copy is smeared with tears and Oreo McFlurry spit-takes.

And it’s not just the photos that are hilarious, though Louise Devery in full mime makeup, the ultra-subdued wardrobe of Jade Esteban Estrada (pictured) and the super-seduction of Yenz Von Tilborg are worth the cover price alone.

There are also glorious typographical errors and skill listings that should surely guarantee a big-budget movie deal. (“Expert Driver-Stick Shift,” “Will Go Naked,” “Yard Work,” and “Quiltmaker” are a few our faves.)

Sure, it’s easy to poke fun at someone else’s grand disillusionment, but when it’s this funny, we can’t help but giggle and feel just a little better about ourselves.

It’s the American way!

Holy Headshots!: $19