Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Furniture Facelifts

Sometimes, under the cover of darkness and our Anastasia Beaverhausen wig, we’ve been known to cruise bulk trash day in trendy neighborhoods like the M streets in search of a vintage find amongst the Yuppy debris of slightly-used couture and last year’s laptops.

The whole process makes us feel like one of those arctic fishermen grabbing the crabs on Deadliest Catch. The risk is huge, but so are the rewards. Just one sighting of us stuffing a tattered chair in our trunk could ruin our social prowess forever, but the lure of restoring a mid-century modern masterpiece is just too strong.

Leslie Pritchard, owner of boutique consignment and restoration store Again & Again, knows just how we feel. She’s been in the business of turning trash into treasures for years now.

And thanks to her, we no longer have to lurk in back alleys. (Well, at least not in search of furniture.)

Comprised of a hodge-podge of funky finds such as chairs, lamps and tables, Again & Again is playground for the decoratively adventurous. Either dig through the collection of classics or bring in your own find for a trendy tune-up.

The place is filled with plenty of pieces that are showroom ready, thanks to a team of talented craftsman, a coat of paint or some swanky new upholstery. Others, however, will require more creative vision to see the end product.

But just like we tell all our plus-size gal pals when they ask how they look in that skintight leopard cat suit, “You’ve got great bone structure!”

Again & Again
5207 Bonita Avenue, Dallas
(214) 826-6666