Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Four (Paws) On The Floor

Rush-hour traffic can be a real bitch, especially when you get cut off by a Labradoodle in a beat-up Hyundai. But it’s not her fault, the poor thing is doing the best she can to steer with that frizzy hair hanging in her eyes and a lack of opposable thumbs.

At least she has a license!

Yes, critters of all shapes and sizes are taking to the roadways thanks to Pet Driver’s License. It’s the latest must-have for spoiled sidekicks who spend their days mindlessly peeing on our rugs and destroying furniture in between visits with the pet psychic and doggie personal trainer.

Available in issue from all 50 states and Canada with an uploaded picture of your pet, the driver’s license is a great way to strike up a conversation with that cutie with the Great Dane at the dog park.

Plus, the durable tags keep all your pet’s info handy in case she should stray from her pampered home.

Now if we could just teach the cat to drive a standard, we could fulfill our lifelong dream of an inter-species performance of Driving Miss Daisy.

$30 for license and ID tag