Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Paris Is Burning

Do you prefer Brits over Britney? Does Whitney make you wanna spit? If you’re one of those boys who’s kissed fewer girls than Katy Perry, yet Madonna does not bring you musical nirvana, then let us introduce you to our new favorite Brit-pop obsession, Ladyhawke.

First of all, she’s not a band, she’s a lady. A solo performer with the triple threat of lyrics, voice and boppy beats to back them all up, Pip Brown plays at least four instruments on her debut album.

This Lady is clearly not fiddling around (unless, of course, one of her instruments happens to be an actual fiddle).

Originally from New Zealand, this expat Kiwi-come-Londoner’s hit single, “Paris is Burning,” is spreading through the U.K. like a firestorm. Excuse us while we “Fellows with an Attitude” take a brief break to vogue.

And talk about “Lady with an Attitude!”

Imagine if Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett had a torrid lesbian affair which produced an über-talented lovechild who, in turn, rebelled from her raspy rock-and-roll roots and produced, gasp, a dance album.

With music as catchy as the Ting Tings (with whom she is currently on tour), Ladyhawke’s album will make you want to Sing Sing along to songs like “Back of the Van” and “Better Than Sunday.” Every track oozes with late-’70s/early-’80s nostalgia that is surely The Cure to all your smudgy guyliner, Robert Smith-esque pop woes.

Ladyhawke: $10 on iTunes