Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Reap What You Joe

On the surface, the It’s A Grind Coffee Shop in Deep Ellum may seem like just another place to get your Half-Caf Mocha Choca Lotta Ya Ya fix. And to a degree it is.

There are the ubiquitous posters of music legends adorning the walls, the cozy chairs filled with folks wanting to look unassumingly scholarly with their half-read copies of Anna Karenina (thanks, Oprah!), and a menu offering every kind of coffee concoction and puffy pastry imaginable.

But what makes this location different is the method behind the macchiato.

This particular franchise of It’s A Grind is part of the Demeter Project, an organization interested in “reinventing the American workplace.” To do this, they’re raising the bar for social service jobs by paying a living wage, offering health benefits and even funneling proceeds from their for-profit venture back into other charities to make them less reliant on foundation funding.

It’s a shocking concept in the age of all the doom and gloom employment talk. In fact, the whole thing makes our icy heart feel kind of warm and tingly.

Or maybe that’s just the Vanilla Latte we just sucked down.

It’s A Grind (Demeter Project)
2901 Indiana Boulevard, Dallas
(214) 954-7109