Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Where The Buffalo Roast

As of today, we’re no longer gay. We’re going bi. Bison, that is! Oh, the sexual cattle jokes never get old, do they?

Anyway, it’s probably no secret that we’re like our meat. Hell, you might even call us carniwhores. (There we go again).

But beef can be so boring, even if it is what’s for dinner. And by beef, of course, we’re talking strictly of the cow variety.

Is buffalo meat considered beef? Who knows and who cares. At Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse in the West End, there’s a reason their Buffalo Filet Mignon got voted one of the best steaks in the nation by Food Network.

Even with that endorsement, we were skeptical, worried that buffalo that wasn’t ground into a burger might be dry and gamey (like that last guy from Craig’s List).

But oh, were we wrong.

This tasty little filet grilled to medium rare was velvety, sweet and virtually fat-free. (In fact, buffalo steaks are nearly one-fourth as fatty as equivalent beef.)

Served with mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and a starter salad it’s a healthy meal that actually fills you up.

Just try to say that about a tofu stir-fry.

$19 at lunch, $41 at dinner
Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse
702 Ross Avenue, Dallas
(214) 744.3287