Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Too Legit To Quit

The 90’s are like so in right now, dude. New Kids on the Block are back, and with them, flannel, Euro dance, Robin S., and an end to a Bush era. Retro, man.

To celebrate the last of the aforementioned items is another 90’s resurrection, the return of the fragrance beloved by disheveled slackers worldwide, CK One.

The iconic scent celebrated androgyny and helped break down a huge, pervasive wall that was so restrictive in that time: the gender wall – not that other one that fell in Germany.

For the original launch, the provocative Calvin Klein gathered a group of waifish, ambiguous models, and announced to the world that unisex was en vogue. In an ad campaign that gave plenty-a-grandmother a stroke, CK One’s subtext was “what’s good for girls is good for boys” – a mantra that continues to thrive in our Gay List lives daily.

But now the essence behind the fragrance is taking on a fresh meaning. Celebrating the inauguration of a new president, Calvin Klein has re-launched his iconic unisex scent for the next generation.

The revitalized CK One arrives in a package that features a speaker (usable with most MP3 players), a free song by British musician/model Jamie Burke, and a new utopian slogan: “We are one.”

The fragrance helped us hook up in the 90’s, and we’re hoping with the spirited re-launch, we’ll be coming together as one with gorgeous patriots for yet another decade.

CK One Limited “We are one” Edition w/ removable MP3 player speaker: $50
Available at Macys and Sephora nationwide, and online at www.ckone.com