Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pop, Don’t Preach

Pop art just makes us smile. It’s pretty. The colors are vibrant. And you can actually tell what the subject matter is, unlike that last exhibit we went to that was nothing but blank white canvases and pubic hair.

Masters of the genre include Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, but we love what Burton Morris has done to modernize pop art for a new generation. His work has been seen on Friends, and what could possibly be more mainstream than that? But his ability to appeal to a larger audience doesn’t make him any less relevant.

Now, for a limited time, you can see his work in person and even buy an original for your collection.

Our favorite is a series featuring the nightstands of famous characters and real-life people and what Morris envisions would be on them. From Wonder Woman and James Bond to Keith Haring (pictured) and Mr. Rogers, each painting combines immediately recognizable possessions to tell a complete story.

He also aims his brush at typical fodder for pop art: well-known brands and everyday items. Get your rainbow on with his Lifesavers paintings or opt for the brightly colored martini glass with orbiting olives that actually break the plane of the canvas.

Strangely though, in our world martinis are lifesavers. (Burton, we’ll give you that idea for free!)

If primary colors aren’t enough for ya, check out Morris’s online bio (www.burtonmorris.com) and we think you’ll agree, he’s a work of art himself. Hubba-hubba!

Then head to the gallery and shop ’til you POP!

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